Image galleries and videos

Below are some examples of how to show images and videos on your website. There are Wordpress plugins to display a feed from Social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The benefit of this is the images will automatically display the latest images that are uploaded on to the social media platform.

YouTube Video

This is an embedded link to a single video on YouTube.

YouTube as a hosting platform is fast, reliable and there are no restrictions on how many times the video is transmitted, it can also accommodate a large number of people viewing the same video at the same time.

For this to be “free” YouTube will advertise at some point during your video.

YouTube Playlist

This is a link to a video playlist on YouTube.

Using this you can add all of your videos on a YouTube Channel and this can then be set to play them one after another.

YouTube make it very easy to show multiple videos. There will be  advertisements, this is used to generate revenue for YouTube and keep the video hosting free for you.

Hosted Video

This is a video file hosted and stored on the website and plays automatically.

There are no additional advertisements, when selecting a hosting provider check if there are any restrictions on file sizes you can upload, what FTP access is available, is there a cap on how much your website can transmit and receive and what is the minimum speed guarantee for users browsing your website..

Image Slideshow

This is an image slideshow and not a movie file. This is using images stored on this hosting platform. With wordpress you can add a gallery plugin to specify which images and set transition, time displayed, size, etc.

Logo Slideshow

This is a slideshow of logos for websites I have worked on.